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Arabscam is a well-known chat area which is popular worldwide where you can find Experts to provide advisory services and information to you through video chat services. It’s a global chat area, where people of any age can find solutions of their problems. Website has many features and is very easy to use.

Start a Chat : Just take these 3 easy steps to get answers of your questions.

  1. SignUp as a User.arabscam logopng
  2. Click find and select an expert from the category you are interested in.
  3. Connect with real live experts and start your conversation.

Search By Interest: You cansearch by your interests on ArabScam; just click on the category you are interested in . Before you can chat with a Support expert, please register your Surface device. Now After signing in, click on Find and then on the category you want. A page with all the experts in that category will appear. Select the expert you want by reading his/her CV and profile.

Pay the Experts: In your profile, you will find a Buy Credit option. Select the amount of credit you want to buy, and complete payment with your credit card or PayPal account. Then start searching for the expert you want and get your questions answered.


ArabsCam fills the communication gap between service providers and customers

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The best way to reach out people is meeting them face-to-face when it comes to business and every service provider knows this thing very well. Information Technology is a broad industry and everyone is using I.T. services in a way or other. There’s no way to deny this fact. But still we, at ArabsCam, noticed that there’s no reliable platform in Saudi Arabia to bring customers and service providers closer. We took it as a challenge and started working upon it. And now we’re glad and proud to tell you that we’ve come with an innovative but simple platform that’s going to fill the communication gap between customers and service vendors.

ArabsCam presents its online video chat platform where customers (users) and service providers can talk to each other under can make a new deal. It’s like or rather we’d say it’s a live chat platform which is user-friendly, secure, fast and on the top of all, it’s FREE to use. Unlike other Online video stream providers, we’ve added such features that will help making your chatting experience better. There are two different portals to login with; if you want to search for a service provider, you can login as a ‘User’ and if you’re a service provider, you can login as a ‘Service Provider’.

In order to login, you need to create a profile by signing up with us. Again, to keep it simple, we created two different sign up forms (User Sign up and Expert Sign up). After signing up accordingly, you can browse for profiles of various experts, you can also contact with video chat hosts, you can have a text chat with them, under ‘favorites’ section, you can see top experts and there is much more to do.

There are various categories we’ve brought to you like Legal advice, Sports, Movies and music, Engineering, Family issues, Business and finance and lots more. These categories belong to their respective service providers. A user can easily choose a particular Online service provider and can start a video chat with an expert on the opposite side.

So, now get rid of all the hassle you used to face while searching for a service provider. Register an account with us and simply search no. of service providers by keep sitting at your home.

Instant Online Video Chat with experts.

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Arabscam is the official authentic and first resourceful website that provides you frequent informative and consultative services regarding all issues whether it is in your professional or personal life. Our official website i.e. Arabs Cam belongs to Electronic Horizon organization for Marketing, and our corporation which is licensed and registered in the territory of Saudi Arabia. Experts are completely professionals and you would get entirety technological online support. Our website i.e. arabscam provides our services throughout video chat or online video stream.

Arabs Cam is the website in Arabic territory where you would find out colossal technological hold up and it is now a click away. Cut your trauma now. Keep surfing the website and find out the comprehensive solutions of your queries. Professionals would love to help your numeral of questions. We are always there for you with the entire technical video calling.

The Quality unremitting services for:

IT & Web design

Engineering and designs

Health & Medicine

Business & Finance

Dream Analyst

Family issues

Education Lessons

Makeup & Hair dressing

Jokes & Entertainment

Chat with an expert live throughout webcam:

As we know, the most of the people connected with internet now a days and internet surfing is the top most interest among people. If you have any kind of question or you could not share with anybody or you are still looking for satisfactory answer then our experts will help and solve your unsolved questions with friendly and easy way.

ArabsCam is technical online platform:

Arabs Cam is the first Arabic website in Arabic territory where you would easily figure out immense technical hold up and it is just now a click away. Our website provides you the Professionals in their respective area of interest and would adore helping you!

Real Advice from Real Models and Online Experts

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As a Business man or a normal person, you make hundreds of decisions everyday and some of them have a lasting effect on your business and life. Sometimes things don’t work out as you want them to be. In those instances, you might want an expert to guide you, to help you. If you don’t have any online expert on speed dial, Go to Arabscam and connect with one.

Now click on the ‘User’ on the top left side of our website. Our online service has an extensive list of experts covering every topic. Choose your category, your favorite advisor and start chatting. You can also leave your message offline and can take an appointment. ArabScam is the first website in Arabia developed to help the people worldwide through webcam. This website is certified and licensed in Saudi Arabia.

Its user friendly interface helps the visitors to surf on the website easily and understand the procedure. Choose your category in which you need help or information and you will get connected to our online expert. By joining our team you can also earn money, for this you have to just click on service provider then setup your account and after that you have to just download our JustCalmIt software. Your status will appear online. Need not to stay online all the time. Just connect to JustCalmIt at the time of appointment and start chatting.

Reliable video streaming online platform

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ImageThe leading video streaming online platform ArabsCam is now up and running successfully for those who are seeking consultancy services online. It’s dependable, time and money saving in a lot of ways. ArabsCam is a registered firm that is licensed with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They provide advisory services for more than 26 topics (sub categories excluded). You can select your favorite topic and the advisor with one click. Your privacy is their first priority. They keep their clients’ personal information and video chat private and don’t share it with any other third party.


Online chat through webcam is also trustworthy. You get to know with whom you are talking to. Written services are sometimes fraud because they use computer programs to provide answers. They have similar set of answers for all of their users. If you are one of those who want to provide consultant and advice to the people, then register yourself with them. You should have deep knowledge of the particular topic you are choosing to provide information in. Log in to their website to know more about our services. Also, read their terms and conditions carefully for better understanding of the process. ArabsCam has become a huge success in the country as it is first website of its kind and they are getting good response to their initiative.

Professional service by ArabsCam

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imagesIf you have a question, a problem (of any kind) or needed an advice would you wait for a day or for hours to get the answer or solution? I think no, nobody wants to wait. You would want the advice in quick and easy way. So, rather than wasting time in search of a good advisor, going to the consultants door to door and taking their appointments you would wish for getting help sitting at home. If you want that, just visit ArabsCam’s website. You can chat live with expert advisors through webcam. They are dedicated to provide professional service in this class of business. In Saudi Arabia, it’s the first website of its kind and also certified with kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Their list in which they provide consultancy service is long and the list of their service provider is even longer. Choose your favorite topic and advisor yourself. They have industrial professional experts, people form business background, fashion models in their panel. You can even see the ratings previous customer have given them. Your conversation with them will be kept private. Not a computer program will provide you answer to your questions. You will see a live human being giving answers to your questions and providing you information. That’s why we said it’s a trustworthy source.

Chat with an expert live via ArabsCam

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Want to chat with an expert live through webcam? Now it is possible with Arabs Cam. They have started a website through which they provide advisory services through webcam chat between users and their consultants. It is the first website of its kind and is also certified with kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Variety of topics and quite significant number of advisors are available with them. You can get advice on any topic you want. You can even choose your favorite advisor for advice. To help in your advisor selection website has also uploaded a brief profile of each of them, read the information, customer reviews, rating their previous clients have given them and then decide. From fashion models to industrial and technical experts all are available on the website.

If you are not a user and want to provide your consultancy services then you can also log-in as a service provider. You can also read frequently asked questions section for both user and service provider for understanding the process better. For security reasons, they keep the conversation between client and consultant private and do not share it with third party. It’s a much better way to take advice than to go for e-mail and other written services as in this service you know whom you are talking to and you are not getting computer generated answers for your questions.