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Arab’s first website of its kind, Arabs Cam. It’s an online web cam chat service provider that gives live advice online to their clients. It’s a certified website, licensed with Saudi Arabia’s kingdom. Their services are open to two kinds of people

Those who want to provide service

It is for those people who want to provide their advisory service through their medium. People who have proper knowledge about particular subject can contact them and register themselves with them so that they can also use their knowledge, expert advices to help others.

Those who want their services

People who want advice in some particular topics can contact them. It is better to contact them then to go to those who provide written and e-mailed advices. Some written consultancy service providers use computer programs to answer people’s questions. After some time their answers get repeated. But they believe in providing live advice online via web cam.

They got people in their panel that have ample amount of experience in specific fields. They hire people from Industry background, having expertise in a particular subject, who can answer any question related to the topic. You must read terms and conditions and privacy policies before registering with them. Although they assure that they keep their customer’s information safe and secured. They don’t share it with any third party.


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