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ArabsCam fills the communication gap between service providers and customers

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The best way to reach out people is meeting them face-to-face when it comes to business and every service provider knows this thing very well. Information Technology is a broad industry and everyone is using I.T. services in a way or other. There’s no way to deny this fact. But still we, at ArabsCam, noticed that there’s no reliable platform in Saudi Arabia to bring customers and service providers closer. We took it as a challenge and started working upon it. And now we’re glad and proud to tell you that we’ve come with an innovative but simple platform that’s going to fill the communication gap between customers and service vendors.

ArabsCam presents its online video chat platform where customers (users) and service providers can talk to each other under can make a new deal. It’s like or rather we’d say it’s a live chat platform which is user-friendly, secure, fast and on the top of all, it’s FREE to use. Unlike other Online video stream providers, we’ve added such features that will help making your chatting experience better. There are two different portals to login with; if you want to search for a service provider, you can login as a ‘User’ and if you’re a service provider, you can login as a ‘Service Provider’.

In order to login, you need to create a profile by signing up with us. Again, to keep it simple, we created two different sign up forms (User Sign up and Expert Sign up). After signing up accordingly, you can browse for profiles of various experts, you can also contact with video chat hosts, you can have a text chat with them, under ‘favorites’ section, you can see top experts and there is much more to do.

There are various categories we’ve brought to you like Legal advice, Sports, Movies and music, Engineering, Family issues, Business and finance and lots more. These categories belong to their respective service providers. A user can easily choose a particular Online service provider and can start a video chat with an expert on the opposite side.

So, now get rid of all the hassle you used to face while searching for a service provider. Register an account with us and simply search no. of service providers by keep sitting at your home.


Professional service by ArabsCam

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imagesIf you have a question, a problem (of any kind) or needed an advice would you wait for a day or for hours to get the answer or solution? I think no, nobody wants to wait. You would want the advice in quick and easy way. So, rather than wasting time in search of a good advisor, going to the consultants door to door and taking their appointments you would wish for getting help sitting at home. If you want that, just visit ArabsCam’s website. You can chat live with expert advisors through webcam. They are dedicated to provide professional service in this class of business. In Saudi Arabia, it’s the first website of its kind and also certified with kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Their list in which they provide consultancy service is long and the list of their service provider is even longer. Choose your favorite topic and advisor yourself. They have industrial professional experts, people form business background, fashion models in their panel. You can even see the ratings previous customer have given them. Your conversation with them will be kept private. Not a computer program will provide you answer to your questions. You will see a live human being giving answers to your questions and providing you information. That’s why we said it’s a trustworthy source.